4 crucial mistakes to avoid when divorcing

Don’t ignore these five things when going through a divorce. Though they may seem small, it can make a huge difference on your separation.

Ignoring long-term financial security

Don’t focus solely on getting alimony, child support and splitting up assets, without considering how your life may look in the future. These items, though they may seem most important immediately, are actually more crucial to your well being in the long run. Thinking about the long-term financial implications of your divorce will keep you focused on what is truly most important.

Not providing correct financial information

By producing honest, accurate financial information, you will not only make your divorce go more smoothly, but you will also open up the possibility for open and honest communication in the future. Don’t exaggerate your martial debt or your assets, and produce a realistic budget for your ex to review.

Ignoring the option of divorce mediation.

A neutral mediator assists you and your ex in reaching an agreement in an ongoing process.  This process allows for open communication and the implementation of problem solving skills to help you and your ex work together in the future regarding your children, finances, etc. Consult your attorney to find out if mediation is the best option for you and your family.

Involving your children in the divorce

No matter how delicately you approach the separation, your children can still be negatively affected by the divorce. In order to make this life-change easier for them, avoid arguing or discussing the divorce in a negative manner around them, and instead focus on ensuring that both parents are being emotionally supportive towards the well-being of your children.

It is always best to consult your lawyer when going through a divorce. Contact Cerino Law at 239.561.2820 so we can assist you.

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