Florida Gun Control Laws

When it comes to gun control, how does Florida weigh the balance between safety for gun owners and the general public? Here are some interesting facts on gun control laws in Florida.

Standard Gun Control Laws in Florida

  • Federal law also regulates gun ownership in FL, including what kinds of firearms may be owned legally.
  • The National Firearms Act and the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act both apply to gun ownership in Florida in addition to state gun control laws.
  • llegal Arms: Short-barreled rifle or shotgun, machine gun
  • Waiting Period: 3 days excluding weekends and legal holidays
  • Law prohibits firearms on or near school grounds: Felony. 790.115, 810.095
  • Who may not own a gun: Minors (under 21), any convicted felon (or 3 yrs. after sentence or probation fulfilled), anyone convicted or committed for abuse of a controlled substance within last 3 yrs., anyone who chronically or habitually abuses alcohol or other substances, anyone who has been adjudicated incapacitated (or 5 yrs. after restoration of capacity), anyone who has been committed to mental institution (unless free from disability for 5 yrs.), or any person subject to injunction against committing acts of domestic violence.

Sources: Florida Gun Control Laws

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