Four tips for dealing with family litigation

It’s challenging to know who is on your side when you’re divorcing or fighting for custody of your kids. Here are some tips on dealing with family litigation matters:

  1. Get organized. Create a file and make sure you have all the required documentation to help you expedite the legal process.
  2. Ask questions. Though the legal process can be intimidating,  make sure you let your lawyer know if you do not understand what is going on so they can help you.
  3. Be polite. While dealing with family legal matters can be emotionally trying, it’s important to try and remain composed and polite, since the court will be watching the manner in which you conduct yourself and judging the quality of your character.
  4. Be honest. It may be tempting to present the best version of yourself or trying to tear your ex down in court. However, remember to always tell the truth. If you are caught in a lie, the opposing party can and likely will use this against you.

Source: Tips for Family Law Litigation Matters

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