Getting a divorce in Florida? Here’s a checklist of documents you will need

Getting a divorce is never easy. From the distribution of assets to custody resolution, divorce can be a trying and difficult process. Here at Cerino law, we understand the challenges that go into preparing and filing for a divorce and we are here to help. Getting off on the right foot is key to ensuring an easier, timely and fair process. So where does one begin? A great place to start is by collecting any documents that relate to your marital assets or status. If filing for divorce in Florida, the following checklist will help get you on the right track:

Personal records – Birth certificates and social security cards for you, your spouse and your minor children, your marriage license or any marriage or divorce-related legal agreements you have with your spouse such as antenuptial agreements, prenuptial agreements and/or separation agreements.

Financial documents – All tax returns for you and your spouse for at least the past three years, pay stubs for both you and your spouse, bank statements or any individual or joint checking, savings or money-market accounts. Any life, health, auto and homeowner’s insurance policies.

Assets you own (Personal Assets) – Copies of the titles or loan statements for any motor vehicles you own together or separately, documents describing any land or property you own jointly or separately, and a list of valuables you own jointly or separately.

Businesses documents – If you and your spouse own a business, you’ll also want to collect records that not only show the company’s revenue, expenses, debts, assets and profit but also the ownership details as well.

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