Top crimes committed during the holiday season

The holiday season is well underway! For many, it’s not only a time for happiness and cheer but an opportunity to celebrate and spend time with those you love. For others, the holidays are particularly challenging, bringing up difficult emotions or memories and increased stress. Whether you are full of holiday cheer or struggling through the season, it is helpful to be aware of some of the top crimes committed during the holidays:

Shoplifting – Shoplifting from a retail store is a common crime and it is no surprise that it is even more common during the holidays. Even with the seasonal help, there are frequently not enough employees to be heedful and fully attentive to the holiday crowds. Shoplifters often take advantage of these conditions and rates of theft increase significantly.

Robbery – The holiday season sees an increase in robberies as well. Robbers are aware that people are often carrying more cash and the holiday crowds can provide a distraction. People tend to get robbed in public places, parking lots, in malls, etc. Always remember to stay cognizant and mindful of your surroundings.

Identity Theft – With increased credit and debit card activity, both online and in-store, the risk of identity theft is higher this time of year. These risks exist year round but are heightened with the influx of shopping during the holiday season. Identity thieves will seek to steal your credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personal information, using it to make purchases or to commit crimes.

Driving Under the Influence – With the increase in celebrations and parties during the holiday season comes increases in incidents of drunk driving, fatalities and injuries related to drunk driving and DUI charges. Check out our blog for Tips on taking care of yourself and avoiding a DUI during the holidays.

Domestic Violence and Assault – Emotions often run high around the holidays with close proximity to family, escalated emotions, elevated levels of tension stress, and irritability. Be mindful of your emotions, your behavior, and the potentially life-changing consequences of letting a domestic dispute escalate out of control. Such a dispute can quickly result in criminal charges. Volatility is exacerbated when drugs or alcohol are involved and/or in times of significant stress, as is often the case during the holiday season.

It is an unfortunate reality that there are heightened levels of crime committed during the holidays. We are hopeful that the awareness of common crimes committed around the holidays can help prevent you from becoming a victim. If you find yourself charged with theft, DUI, assault, or other crime during the holiday season, contact one of our criminal defense attorneys. At The Law Office of Joseph Cerino, we will fight for your rights.

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