How To Choose the Best DUI Lawyer

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there were a total of 32,177 arrests for DUI reported in 2018 in Florida. With this staggering number of DUIs, there is also a surprising amount of lawyers who do not have your best interests at heart. Hiring the wrong lawyer, especially for a high-stakes case like a DUI, is a waste of your time and money, and time is of the essence for DUI cases. Getting the best lawyer is a way to stay up to date on your case status or even go as far as getting your case dismissed. Here’s how to choose the best DUI lawyer:


With years of cases under their belt, the lawyer with the experience is the lawyer you want on your side. An experienced lawyer will know how to better your chances of getting charges dropped or dismissed, especially if they specialize in DUIs. The best lawyers openly state what they specialize in. Lawyers with experience handling specific charges, like DUI, have connections that other common lawyers may not have.


Other than finding a lawyer with experience and connections, find a lawyer with a good reputation. The known-around-town lawyer usually has a positive reputation for a good reason. Lawyers with respect mean they are probably smart, resourceful, negotiable, and will not treat the case as just another number. To find a lawyer with a good reputation, ask a family member or friend with whom you feel comfortable sharing your situation. Word of mouth can be a great way to find a lawyer that suits your case.

Be Honest With Yourself

If your situation is not looking good, it is best to be open to all possible outcomes. Having a DUI lawyer that can sort through the facts with your best interests in mind is priceless. Good representation is important. It can make or break your case. You should never represent yourself, as your lack of connections, experience, and knowledge of the law could hurt you in the courtroom.

A good DUI defense lawyer should be firm, yet respectful. At The Law Offices of Joseph Cerino, we are here to serve the South Florida region with respect. If you are looking for a DUI defense lawyer, you can count on us to put our all into your case and get the justice you deserve. For more information, visit


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