How to Share Your Child’s Birthday When Divorced

A child’s birthday is a fun and special event for the child and the entire family, however, it can be a hard day to navigate for divorced parents. Not only do they wonder how to share a child’s birthday, but also whether or not they should. For parents, their ultimate goal is for their child to enjoy the party, and many divorced parents are aware that possible tension between them could cause stress on the child and ruin the event.

How to share a child’s birthday when divorced:

  1. First, consider whether a shared party is realistic
  2. If you have a hostile relationship with your child’s other parent, it’s best to throw separate parties
  3. Remember that the goal is for your child to have the best time possible
  4. Make sure you’re thinking about what your child wants to do
  5. Consider the relationship with your in-laws 
  6. Host the party at a neutral location
  7. Think about whether hosting a party together will make the child think you’re back together

Keep reading to learn how to share a child’s birthday when you’re divorced, proper protocols and how to enjoy the event and make sure your child enjoys it, too.

How to Handle a Kid’s Birthday Party After a Divorce

One important thing to consider when deciding how to handle your child’s birthday party after a divorce is the status of your relationship with your ex. If you have a hostile relationship with your co-parent, it is best to host separate parties. 

A parenting plan can help determine which parent hosts the child on their birthday each year. If one parent has custody of the child on their birthday, the other parent can host a party the day after or the day before. 

However, if you have an amicable relationship, it’s not a bad idea to consider a shared celebration.

Should Divorced Parents Share a Child’s Birthday?

Being honest about the status of your co-parenting relationship is the best way to determine if divorced parents should share a child’s birthday. Think about whether you’re able to be civil and co-parent without hostility or tension. 

Here are some other things to consider:

  • How long it’s been since you broke up
  • How old your child is
  • How involved your former partner is in the child’s life
  • How likely it is that you and your ex will fight or make a scene in public
  • How much of an impact it will have on your child whether they celebrate their birthday with you together or separately 
  • How much it will impact your behavior and stress levels if your ex is around

How Should Divorced Parents Communicate?

One of the pillars of communication with anyone, including divorced parents, is being a good listener. It’s normal to disagree, but it’s always important to convey to your ex-partner that you hear them and understand their point of view. Remember that you won’t lose anything by letting them voice their opinions.

How a Family Lawyer Can Help with your Custody Situation 

If your child’s birthday is coming up soon and you’re in a hostile situation with your ex-partner and you’re not sure how to handle it, you’ll want to work with a trusted family lawyer who has a proven track record of getting results. If you need help with your custody battle or you’re looking for some more information about custody arrangements or advice on things like celebrating your child’s birthday after a divorce, contact the Law Office of Joseph Cerino today.

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